Frequently Asked Questions...

What is Mixed Media Art?

I am so glad you asked! Mixed Media Art is when you combine different "mediums" (example: paper, paint, fibers, found objects, etc.) to make a cohesive piece.

What Are Simply Paint Classes?

They are just that, simply paint. Where in the Mixed Media Classes, artists will use many different mediums to create their art, Simply Paint Class artists will have their chosen design, (which will be predrawn onto the canvas by us prior to class), and use acrylic paints - we have many different colors to choose from (no paint mixing required!) - to create their masterpieces.
Onsite instructor will get the class started, and be there to help the entire time.

What Do I Need to Bring to Class?

Nothing! The class fee includes ALL the supplies you will need, including an on-site instructor, refreshments and light snacks.

What is the Difference Between "Open Seating" & "Private Parties?"

"Open Seating" classes are open to the public, for anyone who pays his/her class fee. "Private Parties" are those which an individual, (whom we call the "Host"), has scheduled for themself and a group of 8 or more friends, and can be for a special event such as a birthday, girl's night, etc. These are not open to the public.

What is the Recommended Age Limit?

We recommend ages 7 and up for our open-seating classes, but please check the class descriptions, as there are a few labeled "Adults Only." All children must be accompanied by an adult for the entire class, which is typically 3 hours. We are also currenlty working on creating some fun kids creative classes which will only last 30 minutes to 1 hour, so please check back! 

How Do I Register for a Class?

It's as easy as 1-2-3 - just click on the Register buttons found on each page to register for the appropriate class type.