Paint Parties!
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Grab your friends and head over to our studio for some creative FUN! 
Otherwise you are just missing out.

*Private Paint Parties require a minimum of 8 guests, not including the Host.
*The Host gets his/her class for FREE, as our way of saying "Thank You."
*If your guest count falls short of the minimum requirement, you may still have the party but will be charged for 8 guests.
*The maximum number of guests allowed is 16 for adults (18+), 16 for young adults (ages 16-17), 12 for tweens/young teens (ages 13-15) and 12 for children (ages 7-12).
*Children must be at least 7 years old or up for parties at our studio.
*You will have a party host but, 7-12 years of age require additional adult supervision, so please plan to have 2 -3 adults remain.

Please choose ONE class "style," (either Mixed Media or **Social Artworking), but each guest may choose a different design. We highly recommend using no more than 2 different designs for children's parties.

Paint Party Hosts & Guests are welcome to bring their own *non-alcoholic beverages and goodies. We are happy to allow you 30 minutes, prior to the start of painting, for food, cake and presents time, if requested.

PLEASE NOTE: For children's parties we recommend doing the presents at the Birthday person's home to allow for more time and picture taking.

Please feel free to use our studio address on your party invites: 4854 US Hwy 70 E, Goldsboro, NC 27534; however for GPS use "Casey Dairy Rd." We are located on the corner of Casey Dairy Rd and Hwy 70 E. You will turn right onto Casey Diary and then an immediate left onto our driveway. We will have signs which show "Enter" and "Exit." 
We will tie balloons on our enter sign so guests will easily recognize where to turn.

**Social Artworking is a registered trademark of DecoArt, Inc.

Any guest(s) found violating our non-alcoholic beverage policy will result in the entire event being cancelled, and everyone asked to immediately leave, with no refund, and the offending guest(s) will not be allowed back on the premisis.  This includes alcohol within any vehicle on our site, or someone attending an event who has already consumed an alcoholic beverage..  Shabby Girl Creations reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to contact a driving service to take guests home, should it be deemed necessary. The cost of the driving service will be the responsibility of the guest(s). Shabby Girl Creations, and Michelle Thompson, her family and any subsidiaries will not be liable and will be held harmless for any guest unknowingly breaking this policy and thus leaving in his/her own vehicle from our premisis. 
This is for the safety and comfort of our guests.

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