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so Many new,Fun Designs!
We are so excited to offer guest artists Social Artworking Paint Parties & Classes    

Come out for a fun, relaxing time and paint something adorable, country, patriotic, romantic, tropical, whimsical or charming.  PLUS there will be step-by-step instructions making it easy for everyone.  

*a trademark of DecoArt, Inc.

These classes offer several trendy designs created for either a 12x12 or 16x20 canvas. 
(size depends on the design)

We offer "Open Seating" style classes, meaning anyone may attend who registers; however, we also offer 
 "Private Paint Parties" for those who want to celebrate with their friends or for a special occassion, 

Cut-off dates for open seating classes are 14 days prior to the actual class date and private paint parties must be booked 45 days prior.
This is so we may order all the supplies, prep the canvases, etc.

Want to book a Private Paint Party? No problem! Click HERE  to learn more.

Please note: All open seating classes are held whether there is one guest or a full house. 

Be sure and read our C lass Cancellation Policies p rior to purchasing your spot!

How much does it cost?

$35 per student

What do I need?
 We supply the canvas, paints, brush and apron.  Please feel free to bring your own non-alcoholic beverages & snacks.

What do I wear?
We do provide aprons, however, cannot guarantee paint won't end up on clothing.
Casual clothing is highly recommended, as our acrylic paint is permanent whether it is on the canvas or clothing :)

With the multiple ways to connect digitally with friends and family today, wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to connect in-person again? Shabby Girl Creations has found a way with Social Artworking®, a canvas-painting program that puts the art back into parties.
People are always looking for fun, new ways to enjoy a night out with friends. Social Artworking with Shabby Girl Creations is the answer to that question, providing an interesting and affordable option to get out on the town!
The concept of the Social Artworking® program is that an individual or small group will take a pattern of a design and be able to complete their chosen piece within two to three hours including drying time. The Social Artworking® program contains many designs ranging from landscapes and florals to today’s trendiest icons--designs appropriate and fun for everyone.
You select the piece that you would like to paint by selecting what class you would like to attend from the Social Artworking schedule. All class attendees will be instructed to paint the specific piece that you signed up for. However, customers may feel free to let their inner artist go, and paint the piece uniquely if they choose!
What if you’ve never painted before? Should you still come to a Social Artworking class? Absolutely! This is for fun and to help you explore something you may not have tried before. Chances are very good that there will be others in the room who have not painted before either! Everyone will learn together, and grow together. The Social Artworking experience was created for people without any painting experience. This truly is “Art for Everyone.” You will be instructed one step at a time through your painting and we think you will be surprised at what you can do!
Lucky for the individuals that choose to attend a Social Artworking class, taught by Michelle Thompson, they will have a live, Social Artworking Methodology trained professional to guide their painting path. The Social Artworking Methodology is a revolutionary way for new-to-painting people to learn the terms that are specific to the entire program.
To learn more about Social Artworking®, from the designs to where to attend a class with Michelle Thompson, please contact [email protected]